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Overnight Hike in Warner Springs, CA- Gary Patterson

*RSVP ON FACEBOOK- This is lead by Gary Patterson, a Triple B Adventures member.

I am inviting anyone and everyone who would like to join me on a great overnight hike in the Warner Springs area. This is an easy hike, and a great chance to spend an evening under the stars with some like minded people.

We will meet up in the parking area on the west side of Highway 79 just south of the gliderport at 6:00 PM on Friday 7/14. I will attach an image of the meeting place for this event as well as an overview of the hike.

It will be a 5 mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) to where we will camp overnight in the Agua Caliente Creek valley. In the morning we will begin early (in order to beat the heat) & hike back out to the parking area.

I am planning more trips lik...e this for the upcoming months, while the summer weather is upon us. I would like this event to lead into some more trips this fall, and then maybe even this winter. I would like this to become an opportunity for people to network, exchange ideas, become familiar with different gear/environments/skills, and overall get people outside and into the great hiking areas surrounding San Diego.

The gear list, an important part of the pre-trip planning. Some people just stuff things into a pack and head out on the trail. But I have found that making a simple list of the core items you will need, helps keep your pack weight lighter. I have a list of items that I take on every trip, and I modify it while I am packing with items that may not be on the list, but I want or need for the specific trip I am going on. Below is an example of a list containing core items that one should take on every trip at a minimum:

• Back Pack
• Ground Tarp (I recommend the Grabber All Weather Blanket available at
• First Aid Kit
• Sun Protection (Sunscreen, Hat)
• Food (Freeze-dried backpack meals are light weight but require boiling water, beef jerky, sausages, cheeses, and other packable meal items are available at grocery stores or even World Market)
• Water (The amount depends on the individual, but I recommend at least a gallon for an overnight trip, and if you know that water will be available in the area I recommend a water filter like the Sawyer Mini Squeeze to help keep your pack weight lighter)
• Sleeping Bag (Remember that a sleeping bags temperature rating means it will keep you alive at that temperature, not always comfortable)
• Underwear and Socks (1 pair worn, the others in your pack)
• Jacket (This is optional during the hotter months, but remember temperatures drop at night even during the summer)
• Headlamp or Flashlight (Headlamps are great, they keep your hands free)
• Wet wipes (cheap and have multiple uses while hiking and camping)
• Small Shovel (If nature calls, you will need this to bury your mess)
• Garbage bag (Always a good thing to have on hand. Has more uses then just carrying your trash)

The items listed above are just ideas of what should go into your backpack, but you should also plan out what you will be wearing on your trip. This will depend on the environment that you are adventuring out into, but should include some of the following:

• Shirt (long sleeve or short. There are plenty of shirt types available, but the most important thing to take into consideration is the material the shirt is made from. Cotton material will absorb your body’s sweat and will get heavier as you hike. Wicking materials allow your sweat to pass through the fabric and evaporate, keeping you dry)
• Pants or Shorts
• Socks (Should be comfortable and well padded. I replace my hiking socks every 6 months to ensure I have plenty of padding for my feet)
• Hiking footwear (boots or shoes, it all depends on the hiker preference and environment)
• Knife (always a good item to have, very useful)
• Trekking Poles (These poles help distribute the weight you are carrying between four points of contact with the earth, and increase your stability while negotiating terrain)
• Hat (Sunburn is not fun)

Feel free to tailor this list as you see fit.

I look forward to meeting you all out there for some fun and adventure. Feel free to PM me with any questions.

Later Event: July 20