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Tactical/Home Defense Shotgun Event

This event is being structured so that anyone can attend without worrying that it will be too basic or too advanced.

This is a perfect course for the entire family!

Gear requirements: (Message me if you don't have/can't acquire everything and we can help you out)

50 Slugs
50 Buckshot
200 Birdshot
Bandoleer/side saddle/belt pouch for shells
Hearing and eye protection
Weather appropriate clothing
Closed toed shoes (no sandals)

Bring a lunch, some snacks, sunscreen,extra pop up shade if you have one, and bottled water in a cooler in your vehicle.

I hope to see you there with us!


This is a public facing 'event' listing for sharing outside the Training Group. Anyone wishing to attend this event will need to apply and be vetted into the Training Group prior to being given payment and location details. Please message me if you have any questions about this.

Apply to join the training group @

*Legal Disclaimer* Our events are open to all individuals who are legally able to own firearms and are LGBT friendly. Social media marketing pictures are taken at all events. Legal liability at training events rests with the instructors/business'/property owners we work with, their waivers, their insurance etc.