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Brady Pesola                   Executive Director           Marine Corps               Survival Instructor     Firearms Instructor     Speaker                  

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Colin "Mac" Macdonald Assistant Director           Marine Corps               Upland Game Mentor Business Owner                                                 



D.J. Rausa, Esq.                    Chief Financial Officer     U.S. Navy                             Attorney at Law                   Elder Statesman   


Todd gilje.jpg

Todd Gilje                             Chief Wilderness Instructor Board Of Directors               U.S. Navy                             S.E.R.E Instructor                 S.D.S.O. S.A.R. Volunteer 


Dan Coon.jpg

Dan Coon                             Chief Operations Officer     Board Of Directors             Marine Corps                       Business Owner  


Gino 3.jpg

Gino Gonzales                     Chief Safety Officer         Board Of Directors               U.S. Navy                               Business Owner/ Inventor



jon heffron 3.jpg

Jonathan Heffron               Director of Digital Media   U.S. Navy                           Videographer                   Gear Reviewer                     Wingman 115 Channel



Justin Allen                           Marine Corps                       Triple B Adventures Staff Outdoor Mentor